iDraw 2.4

Design, create and animate


  • Intuitive
  • Advanced editing
  • Easy to make any shape


  • Known to flip imported images

Very good

iDraw is an advanced drawing application in an intuitive interface. The program is useful if you need to draw up designs or animations. iDraw has a good set of editing tools, such as scaling, tapering or bulging.
It offers many different shapes to work with and thanks to complex Bezier paths you can easily create your own. Importing any image or text is also fairly straightforward and quite useful to draw up more complex figures.
However, iDraw has been known to flip import images. Nothing too troublesome there though, all you'll need to do is rotate the image to its normal position.

The interface is well laid out and you can adjust shape settings anytime. Tools to fill shapes with colors and other objects are also accessible from the right side of the interface.
We recommend using iDraw if you need to create drawings or animations. It's particularly useful for beginners wanting to get to grips with all the drawing tools.

iDraw is a powerful, yet easy to use, illustration and animation program for Mac OS X. It has many of the features of high-end design programs, such as smooth anti-aliased rendered paths, diverse fill types including translucent colors and gradients, object transformations such as tapers and arcs, text shape manipulation, and much more.



iDraw 2.4

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